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About Relay

Relay Recording is a state-of-the-art music recording facility offering over thirty-eight hundred square feet of creative space in burgeoning downtown Columbus, Ohio. Relay boasts the best in pro-audio equipment, including a baby grand piano and an extensive collection of vintage instruments, providing a unique and palpable sound-quality worthy of clients’ creativity. Perfecting the evolving science of sound engineering for over fifteen years, we understand the needs of the artist; providing a multi-faceted experience from first recording to final mastering- with artist input at the forefront of every step. Our downtown studio offers everything to take a project from start to finish including recording, mixing, and mastering.

Born in 2002, Relay Recording began as a small home recording studio. With many successful records, Jon Fintel rebuilt the studio in a new, larger, and more comprehensive facility. Relay Recording now offers the same home studio passion and attention in a high-tech, professional downtown location.

Jon Fintel

Relay Recording
211 N. 6th Street
Columbus, Ohio  Map
(Mailing Address)
186 East Moler St.
Columbus, Ohio 43207


Pro Tools
Pro Tools HD3 Accel recording system running on a Macintosh G5 with plug-ins by Waves, Bomb Factory, Focusrite, Trillium Labs, and more.

Control / 24 by Digidesign & Focusrite - control surface for Pro Tools with Focusrite mic preamps.

AD DA Converters
Apogee Symphony 16 in/8 out
Digidesign 192 IO 8 in/16 out
API A2D 2 input converter and mic preamp

Lawson L47MP tube condenser mic Electrovoice N/D 868
AKG C414EB Beyer M201
(2) Earthworks TC30k (matched pair) BLUE e200
(2) Royer R121 ribbon mics (matched pair) Electrovoice Raven
(2) Neumann KM140 (matched pair) Shure Beta 57
Rode NT2 Shure SM57
(2) Sennheiser MD421 Shure Green Bullet
(2) Shure KSM137 (matched pair) Neve Vintech 273 mic pre/eq, 2 channels
(2) Groove Tube AM 52 (matched pair)
(2) Studio Projects C3 (matched pair)
Audio Technica 4033
(2) AKG D112
(2) Crown cm700 (matched pair)
(2) ElectrovoiceN/D 468
Electrovoice N/D 408
'60's Gibson Falcon Guitar Amp Ampeg Victor Wooten 4x10 Bass Cabinet
'60's Gibson Skylark Guitar Amp Budda Twinmaster Combo
'60's Traynor Bass Amp Electric Air Organ
‘60’s Traynor YGM-3 Guitar Amp Gibson CL 20 Acoustic Guitar
'61 Gibson Les Paul Jr Gretsch Drum kit (Stop Sign Badge Era)
'68 Gibson SG Standard Leslie cabinet
'72 Fender super Reverb Guitar Amp Sequential Circuits Six-Track Analog Synth
'72 Marshall Super Lead Guitar Amp '02 Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
'77 Gretsch Tennessean Ibanez Jet King 2 guitar
'78 Fender Telecaster
'82 Fender Concert Guitar Amp
'84 Fender Stratocaster
'89 Music Man Stingray Bass
2 x 12 guitar cab w/ Weber Silver Bell Speakers
4 x 12 guitar cabinet loaded with EVs
(5) John Hardy M1 Mic Preamps
(2) API A2D 312 Mic Preamp and 2 channel converter
Langevin Dual Mono Mic Preamps
Trident S20 Mic Preamps
(8) Presonus M80 Mic Preamps
Folcrom 2 bus Analog Summing Matrix
Avalon 2044 Stereo Opto Compressor
(2) Empirical Labs Distressors
Urei 7110 Compressor
Neve Vintech 273 mic pre/eq, 2 channels
B.L.U.E. Robbie mic preamp
ADAM S2-A monitors
ADAM Sub10 Powered Subwoofer
Audix PH-5 monitors
Yamaha NS10 monitors

Hear Technologies Hearback personal headphone mixing system with 6 mix stations and Hearback Hub

Client List

Jon Fintel has worked with the following artists:

Our Lady Peace Ism
Ingrid Michaelson Bummers
Kevin Devine Hana Pestle
Way Yes Post Coma Network
EYE She Bears
The Girls! Cliffs
Turtle Island The Worn Flints
Deadsea Winter Makes Sailors
Brainbow Sinkane
Wild Light Ernie Halter
Dave Powers Matt Munhall
Paramount Styles Alexi Murdoch
Melty Melty Casper and the Cookies
Ha Ha Tonka Hana Pestle
Keaton Simmons Sinkane
Eddie Spaghetti / Supersuckers Ernie Halter
Willie Mason Backyard Tire Fire
This is My Suitcase Stations
Vis-a-Vis Bicentennial Bear