Relay Recording is a state-of-the-art music recording facility offering over 3,800 square feet of creative space in the heart of downtown Columbus.
  Born in 2002, Relay Recording began in earnest as a small project recording studio. 2006 saw Relay in its first commercial space until 2010 when engineer Jon Fintel rebuilt the studio from the ground up in a new, larger, more comprehensive facility. Boasting the best in both digital and analog pro-audio equipment, including an extensive array of classic mics, preamps and instruments as well as a vintage Trident Series 80B 32x24x2 console at the heart of the studio, Relay provides a unique and palpable sound-quality worthy of clients’ boundless creativity. With twenty years in perfecting the evolving science of sound engineering, Fintel understands the unique needs of the artist, offering the passion and attention of a home studio in a high-tech, professional environment. From first recording to final mastering, Relay prides itself on providing a multi-faceted recording experience that puts artist input at the forefront of every step.

Columbus, Ohio

Relay Recording is located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio- a dynamic and exciting city on the rise. More than just the state capital and the home of Ohio State University, Columbus is the perfect convergence of big city energy and welcoming Midwestern charm. Whether it’s nightlife, coffee, dining or award-winning beer you seek, Relay is conveniently located within walking distance of the city’s wealth of cultural treasures that make it an accessible and affordable tourist destination for both short and extended stays. For a breakout arts and music scene that won’t break the bank, Columbus is second to none.